Oceanside Marina Hotel Islamorada

Please let us submit a comment on our outstanding stay here in Islamorada. The location was sweet, at the lower end of the Island, right next to a fantastic waterfront restaurant-bar called Lazy Days. The hotel is all about boating, fishing, kayak paddling, and swimming pool pleasures. Those were the main things we did during the daylight and then it was Live Music on the water at night on the bayside. You will love the city's nightlife and Waterfront Bar option. We had a blast.
Elsa Y.

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Nice for Mom-Dad and our Kids

Just so nice for the perfect family vacation on an island in the Florida Keys! This was so exciting, even just driving down to our hotel was a big adventure. Take your time coming down and stop at some of the marinas and beaches for breathtaking scenery. The hotel has it all, and a great swimming pool.

Sonny Z.

We give it Five out of Five Stars

I am so glad we picked a waterfront resort, and that is why we came to Islamorada. The Key West waterfront hotels are just too much for any kind of budget vacation. You will feel like you have a small beach home and it is all very family friendly.

Lena M.

Kayak Mangrove Trails near the Hotel

You can go to Robbie's just over Tea Table Key and hit the Kayak Shack, which offers guided tours or rent your own kayak. They have 1/2 or full day rentals. I like the Knecky or Wilderness brands, which they offer.

Cedrick S.

La Siesta

80241 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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