Botanical State Park Island

Your visit to the Lignumvitae Marine Sanctuary will allow you to delight in the beautiful underwater and Florida Keys island life. As you gently coast your boat towards the island, you will see a wide variety of marine life and tropical fish.

We loved the tour and learning about the park's rich history. Great family fun. We have gone out twice over the years, once is plenty. Yes, I kid you not. These were inhabited since pre-historic times. The big names are Indian and Lignumvitae Keys.

Nice time, and walk on historic island tours. It is a learning center to understanding the diverse history of the keys inhabitants of the last five hundred or more years. On this vacation we went scouting for Big Time Florida Keys Adventures on the ocean.
Patsy Y.

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Good Things out on the Water

Lignumvitae Key is very neat to see on a good weather day. On site is the old Matheson house. It is very old and is real, just like back in the old days. These trips are offered on a schedule, mainly weekends are busy. Take the Happy Cat there too.

Lorrie V.

Call ahead for Tour Times and Reservations

I was reading on the park website and the ranger guided tours are given twice daily, so that is the time to go. All of these historic things in the Keys are much better when they spill out all the facts and figures. Most are very entertaining.

Ruben O.

Lignumvitae Key State Park

78500 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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