What to do on your Bicycle in Key West

Only in this zany town do you get the most outrageous things to see and do on a bicycle. The law enforcement of the area is nice in that they allow things to be a little more liberal regarding body paint, topless breasts, and acting crazy on the bicycle. We park our car at the hotel and forget about it, the only way to get around this town is sightseeing on the bicycle!
Alex E.

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Sightseeing locations in Key West

A very fun ride is to loop the entire perimeter of the island. This will take you past the Southernmost Point, Fort Taylor, Mallory Square docks, and the Key West Marina to name a few. This blows away the trolley ride. The bike is the tool for travel on this 4x4 mile island.

Annie T.

Have a Blast seeing it all

May is National Bike Month and we have the pathways. You get mega exercise but the views make your time go so quickly.

Jerald O.

Bike Parade

1405 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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