Unique and Creative Keys Art

Unique and Creative Keys Art

What makes this retail store so popular is every item sold comes with a story. The wood foundation coming from weathered lobster traps is just the perfect idea. Really good are the neat messages on the hand painted signs. My pick is the No Workin' During Drinking Hours, that sign just fits a tiki bar wall.
Virgilio V.

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Photo Framing Experts

We like to stop at all the different art shop during the vacation trips down to the southern tip of Florida. In my personal opinion, or products they offer here are better than all that stuff on Duval Street. Cute are the framed prints. You can use any of the photographs that were taken during your trip down to the Florida Keys, say for instance the one snapped of you and your friends smiling in front of the Southernmost Point take a photograph and they will frame it in their beautiful special way, so you get the maximum beauty out of your memory keeper. I think the best gifts for somebody that is a big Florida Keys fan are the four by six quad set where there's four photos stacked on each other, all frame so nicely. Make sure you stop by the store, it is a winner.

Felix H.

Lobster Art

82200 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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