Even beginners can enjoy the Ocean

Even beginners can enjoy the Ocean

This is the boat to take for Key West scuba diving at its best. What a dynamite time, that kind of thing you won't ever forget. If you can rent an Underwater video camera or have your own, do that for sure. You can edit that video and make something so special, sharing the experience of a lifetime with all of your friends.

Our family had the most fun snorkeling the living coral reef. The trips are a big event to us and we got to see lots of sea turtles and dolphin in their natural habitat. We thought about going out to Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas, but that has too much travel time.

The sunset catamarans are a Prime Time thing to do. Tour all of watersports options at the docks located at the corner of Greene Street and elizabeth street.
Cameron A.

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Big Smiles on the Reef Trips

Whoo hooo! We are going! Pack your bags and Snorkel Gear!

Huey B.

Sebago Cat Snorkel

201 Williams Street
Key West FL 33040

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