Full Featured Island Inn

Full Featured Island Inn

Everything at this hotel was just peachy! You should try for a Sunset View room, but it does not matter as you should downstairs at the pool bar or beach for sunset. It is upscale Key West for those looking for the very best Key West vacation. You pay a bit more, but what super bang for your budget.

Awesome, a Florida Keys classic. The rain showers on the island are something special to see. One of the key elements to the best of views is staying on the waterfront, this is why we pay a bit more to stay at the Pier House. You can see the storms over Sunset Key, wow, this is fantastic. The rain the keys is great when you stay in a place like this. Fun even with rain or sunshine.

I am leaving now, heading out to start our keys vacation. Yeah! This has to be one of the full featured hotels and we love the watersports rentals. Water play is part of the hotel stay.
Vince K.

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Everyone treats you like a VIP Resort Guest

Best wishes to The Beach bar waitress, she knows how to wiggle and dance so well! Yeah for happy hours and Mallory Square.

I do have to complain about the rv parking next to the hotel. This is a message about a repeat violator. They illegally park a super large recreational vehicle across the front lawn of the property. This situation has happened over and over again. Code enforcement does not seem to be able to get them to follow the rules. The rv has been there for weeks. This neighborhood is not an RV Park for folks to have guests sleep overnight in the rv. Please have this stop permanently, otherwise they will be back and do it again next month.

Sang W.

Pier House

1 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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