Disney Barbecue

Disney Barbecue

Many of the area restaurants have live music hours to enjoy. Most popular is the ribs with a jim beam bbq sauce. It is busy at night, and the afternoons you can walk right in and pick your spot. Ribs are the fall-off-the-bone style so all you need is a fork.

I like this venue so much because of the Music. The House of Blues has super cuisine focused on cajun-influenced dishes. If you save room, there is the white chocolate banana bread pudding waiting for you.

French fries are super good dipped into the bbq sauce. Your taste buds will be happy with the turkey shrimp gumbo or the corn chowder, with a skillet of rosemary cornbread.

It is great to go to a wonderful bar that is consistently good with the beer specials. I'm a big fan of the milwaukee best light beer and drink it at home and on the boat.
Ben E.

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Lake Buena Vista Bar

They should to have more cheap light beer so people can save a little money on their vacation when they quench their thirst at the restaurants. I did a search on google for the best domestic sheep beers in the United States to see what people are drinking these days.

Maybe pabst blue ribbon should be on the menu, it's good and so is busch light beer. After a day of walking and sightseeing you just need a few good beer so you can swig down and get your hydration back and a little bit a buzz going at the same time. I made some tuna pasta salad to go with the Mansion Sandwiches.

Jolene N.

House of Blues

1490 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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