Attractions for your Old Town Itinerary

A trip to the Florida Keys would not be complete without taking an all of the historic sites, museums, and memorials. These are the things that make this island oasis so special. Hemingway Home Tour is a real neat thing to do, just pick a time when the weather is cool and comfortable. The home is filled with fans and has an open and breezy feel. The middle of an afternoon in the heated summer would best be replaced by an early in the day visit.
Agnes C.

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Thriving Key West Area Attractions

This is one of the really neat Key West Attractions and really shines bright in bring out the history of the island. Mr Hemingway was a big factor in helping to make the City of Key West the tourist center it has become. Be sure to come visit when the weather is nice and cool. You tour it on the inside and out.

Ezra A.

Places to see on your Bike Tour

We loved the walking tour of the grounds and building. Around Old Town there are some great places to see, and plenty of old buildings. For food, our winners are lessor known: Mattheessens Mallory Square - Colombian Grace - Havana 1 - Pizza Joe's - Croissants De France - and the Cayo Hueso Cafe.

Mikel V.

Ernest Hemingway

907 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040

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