Rules on Snorkeling

A lot of people get in trouble for snorkeling behind the hotel without towing along a cheap dive flag. Do not pay the fine, as they are very inexpensive in the Kmart fishing tackle area. On a reef boat trip most people do not notice that the captain will raise a dive flag as required by law. So if you go out on your own, even from the shore, know the dive flag rules. The Monroe County marine patrols the area, so it is best just to follow all the rules.
Burt S.

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Taking Advantage of the Water

A watertender dingy boat in great condition is a super diving or Fishing boat. Has a tri-hull which maximizes stability, and it has lots of room if you use it for Fishing. It is well made with a impact-resistant double hull and deck, made from high-density polyethylene. It is nine feet four inches long, and fifty two inches wide, plus runs great on the water with electric or gas outboard motor.

Kirsten P.

Diver Flag Regulations

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