The Biggest Park in Key West

One of the must do places when you are down in Key West. Easily on the top-ten-things to do in the city. It is just a fabulous park that is the best place to go snorkeling away from the reefs. The city built an artificial reef system made up of huge rocks. That is what keeps the fish in the area, as they breed around the rocks so the little fish have a place to hide and grow. It is just an amazing place.
Ellen A.

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Snorkeling around the Rocks

What they did with the rock formations is just fantastic. They should do something similar at Smathers Beach. I like all the shade, because we do not want our kids to look like a chicken wing!

Marylou P.

Taylor Beach Park

What is nice is the little cafe there by the Main Beach area. You can get sandwiches and cold ice cream bars. The children love them. We asked about Kayaks, but they do not let you launch kayaks in Key West State Park.

Rosalyn V.

Tour Ft Taylor Park

100 Southard Street
Key West FL 33040

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