Go on the Keys Jungle Trek

Go on the Keys Jungle Trek

This is the first time we've taken our children down to the Florida Keys on vacation. We could not have been more impressed with all of the family-friendly attractions. There are tons of public parks, beach areas, Shopping districts, and kid focused adventures. In Key West you have to take your children to the Snorkel Park, the Downtown Aquarium, and A Key Encounter (AKE).
Luciano Z.

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Finding the Deals on the Island

Places like this help you get through the day without breaking your budget. One thing we did not mind is the car load price to get into Fort Taylor Snorkel Park. That just has to be the best thing going on, the water is so pretty and splashable. Higgs Beach is free and very relaxing.

Boris A.

The Zoo of Key West

The parrots are great, they let them have so much interaction with visitors. Very smart animals for sure.

Beth R.

A Key Encounter

291 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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