Duval Street Dancing Festival

If you are making plans to come down and vacation in Key West during this weekend festival, you are in luck! Anytime you can participate and do the Duval Street Dance, get ready for a very good time. Yes, the dance company starts at Upper Duval and makes there way slowly toward the other end at Zero Duval (Lower Duval Street).
Karla J.

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Key West Vacation Surprises

It is fun. The parade goes from end to end Duval, stopping for some big celebrations along the way!

Bethany Y.

Comparsa Key West

This is the Comparsa Key West dance troupe, and they do all kinds of fun events around the city. Always a hoot, the conga line dances for hours as they slowly proceeded down the mile-long Duval Street. Starts at the South Beach tip at the ocean and moves toward the sunset side.

Chrystal K.

Cuban American Festival

5570 Third Avenue
Key West FL 33040

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