Having fun while you see it all

Having fun while you see it all

The mobility that you have to quickly bounce from place to place has really improved with these electric vehicles. Scooters are finally quiet and thank goodness for that. Bicycle Riding is still the number one sport in Key West. The best of worlds is to have both, for early morning and evening bicycle rides. In the middle of the day, when it is heated up on the streets of Key West, that is where the electric vehicle comes a nicely.
Kelli U.

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A life-changing adventure awaits

A life-changing adventure awaits on a cool little moped in Key West! I guess the big word now is anything electric. Whatever the power, it is a winner. Next month we head to the middle florida keys, Duck Key has a sweet resort.

Timmy E.

Super City to Tour with Mobility

One never stops moving in this town until you pull up to the bar! Yes, drinking is the only thing that slows you down. Duval is great and all the sidewalks are tapered.

Enoch W.

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