Lake Buena Vista Bowling Center

Lake Buena Vista Bowling Center

The layout is nice as the alleys are not side by side down on big wall like old style bowling locations. They have separate sections to bowl in a bunch of different areas, each with four lanes or so. Having lots of options for fun is why we love Orlando Florida! Splitsville is really rather cool, so even your teen kids will enjoy the experience. Put Splitsville luxury lanes and dinner lounge on your Orlando to do list. It is a pleasure to enjoy a modern bowling alley. It is way more than just bowling, as there's a multitude of bars and sit-down areas to eat.
Debra T.

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All Ages Welcome

It would be nice if we can do lots of walking and bowling this weekend, as that is great for the back. I will pick up the Basketball and grab a tennis racket tomorrow and bring them over for packing. I believe the will have basketballs to use, but we will be ready no matter. There was a lot of people playing hoops last time we visited the Swan Hotel. We can take advantage of the free Disney World photography services for memories.

Bridget J.


1494 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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