Boater Hotel at Madeira Bay Resort

It was such a pleasure to stay in a very modern and stylish property, which might be the best on the island. Boat parking at the marina is right down below your unit. We tend to pick the best weather days for boating and do all the other touring on bicycles. This is a true beach town, not too big and everyone is extremely friendly. We would recommend this for all active adults, a sweet beach getaway.
Silvia S.

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Paddling around the area on a Kayak

You can kayak the back waterways around the resort and go up to John's Pass. I would say the kayaking is very good because of all the protected navigational waterways. They call it the Intercoastal. Go either way for a nice journey.

Marylou N.

No Wake Zones around the area

Most of the boater waterways in Pinellas County are no wake zones. It is kind of sad because it really keeps people from coming here to boat. Plan your route and try to use the Gulf for longer trips.

Barry G.

Madeira Bay Resort

13235 Gulf Boulevard
Madeira Beach FL 33708

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