Wings and Beer Cafe at John's Pass

Having wings and beer with a fantastic view is my kind of pleasure. They really have it going on with this location, it's got to be one of the better waterfront viewing places in all of the Tampa Bay area. If you're looking to get out for some Waterfront Dining, this is a fun place.

They have specials on Wednesday, which is the best day of the week to take advantage of the discounts for the boneless wings and French fries. I like the fact that you can get the chicken wings in all different kinds of varieties, even skinless, or grilled if you really want low calories. I like to get them hot and spicy and take advantage of the dipping sauce.

Dipping the French fries in the sauces is very tasty. I also like the hot bar and restaurant which is downstairs in the same John's Pass village. You can walk right down to Madeira Beach underneath the bridge. It's a good area your close to the Treasure Island Beach zone and downtown and plus all the activities of Clearwater Beach or not that far to the north. Crabby Bill's is another good restaurant you will enjoy.

QUESTION: Taking our one week vacation to Madeira Beach next weekend and looking for the best wing joint. Any good bars or restaurants serving wings and beer around Gulf Boulevard? ANSWER: At the top level of John's Pass is a fantastic Hooters Cafe, which has outstanding views including the sunsets. It is a Sports Bar, where sexy ladies serve out the food!
Felton F.

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Florida's Number One Hooters Location

The second floor waterfront view makes this restaurant so much better than the normal Hooters in Tallahassee or Orlando. Being at the Johns Pass Boardwalk was the best way to go, and has plenty of Indoor and Outdoor Seating.

Ron A.

Pulled Pork Barbecue

The chain restaurant makes the best Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich, just like old style out west. The BBQ pork is smothered in jack sauce. I also like the Nacho Grande with Steak.

Ethan Z.

Love the area and Beach Bars

On the menu are some really good sandwiches and salads. I like the Hooters Cobb Salad which has lots of mixed greens, red onions, bacon, cheese, crunchy fried chicken, egg, cucumbers, and red tomatoes.

Tanisha S.

My Pick for Wings

If you search in google for: chicken wing recipe ziplock bag, it brings up all kinds of ideas. Ok, Florida Travel Commander, that sounds great. This recipe takes advantage of pre-cooked wings or buy frozen ones and bake according to the instructions on the packaging, giving you quite the advantage. I want to get some siam hut food too! For sure, the Madeira Beach Fishing Pier is a good one to see, for sure.

Ronnie O.


192 Johns Pass Boardwalk
Madeira Beach FL 33708

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