Top restaurant for tasty Thai Dishes

Top restaurant for tasty Thai Dishes

QUESTION: Where is the best place to pick up some chinese style food over at the Beach? ? ANSWER: Just north of John's Pass Village is my favorite Thai Restaurant, perhaps the best in Pinellas County. I like the spicy dishes like Pad Ped Nor Mai (curry sauce with bamboo shoot and veggies) or the Goong Pad Nam Prig Pao (fired hot shrimp with veggies and roast-chili-paste sauce). Call ahead with order to pick up to-go.
Foster Z.

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Sriracha Hot Hong Kong Chili Sauce

Make sure you ask for some hot red sauce (Sriracha Chili Sauce) if you are ordering to go. They will give you some of those little saucers with a lid. That sauce is hot and extremely good, just dip it very gently.

Teddy F.

Red Curry Sauce on a Vegetable Medley

If you get the red curry dish, there is always plenty of extra juice to use on other vegetables the next day. It means you get a free meal, just use their sauce on your own steamed vegetables.

Deidre Z.

Thai Am Two

13037 Gulf Boulevard
Madeira Beach FL 33708

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