Mansion Restaurant

Mansion Restaurant

What a pleasure it is to rave about my favorite Melbourne Beach area restaurant by far passing up petrillo's, my old favorite. The place was great years ago and then a new ownership group came in and put in a giant rooftop restaurant right in the city center Downtown off East New Haven Avenue which is supreme. I would consider the big Mansion restaurant as the number one place to go for eating when you visit Brevard County, so don't miss it.

The first time I got here I think I got the best sandwich of all time, the muffaletta Italian sandwich. Oh my goodness was this thing fantastic and I knew it was going to be good because I could feel the weight of it. We got it to go at the deli which is on the second floor, while the Rooftop Bar is on the third floor, and then there is a liquor store on the first floor.

A muffaletta sandwich like is one of those things that you will never forget in your life. It is a sicilian sandwich created by mixing together some really good ingredients like ham, genoa, provolone, mozzarella and a super good olive topping mix and it's one-of-a-kind. They pile a lot of the ingredients in your sandwich so I ended up only eating half of it at the first setting, with leftovers for later that day! We stopped over at the Publix on south babcock street and got some homemade potato salad to go with it and some barbecue potato chips. Yeah for a deli, as we went down to Ocean Park and watched the surfers while we got a chance to eat our food.

This is my kind of place that knows how to make sandwiches big thick and full. We like to get deli sandwiches that are cold because we can take them with us and go eat them wherever we want using our bicycles and finding a picnic spot. Eating inside the restaurant is excellent too, especially up top on a nice day when you get a beautiful view of the whole skyline area over Crane Creek and over Front Street Park.

You can find this restaurant if you're coming over from the Atlantic Ocean area at one of the hotels like the Hilton Oceanfront, by taking your beach bicycles over the Melbourne Causeway Bridge and you will see the restaurant. It is basically at the bottom of where the Causeway Bridge finally intersects with the city and the buildings, so find a parking space anywhere you want and go out and check the menu.

The menu has literally nearly one hundred different beers on tap. Wine lovers should go downstairs to the wine storage area as this restaurant knows how to keep the fun going. They always tell you to stop by the wine cellars on the way out and take something home from their great selection of wines, liquors, and microbrews. All of the beers that they list on the giant Beer menu has the alcohol content and some of them pretty high. For me the beer to get is a sweet water blueberry ale but maybe the best part is picking out something for yourself that you never had before.

Don't forget they have all sorts of hot sandwiches like a fajita steak sandwich or the turkey bacon avocado melt. They know how to do it right here and keep the prices at a reasonable level to make everybody happy and want to come back again. I don't see how anybody could not like this place. We really had the best time and it's fun even just walking around and Exploring.

Remember this is the Melbourne deli of choice for sandwiches and picnic supplies, and not just a restaurant. It's a deli and a restaurant and a lot of people forget that because they only come here to drink the booze up at the top at the Rooftop Bar!
Peggy I.

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The wonderful Mansion sandwich recipe is listed as an overstuffed sicilian sandwich created with genoa, ham, provolone, mozzarella, mayo and olive topping! It was so yummy, so we should try to make it with that Publix bread you get that is so good.

Edgardo Q.


1218 East New Haven Avenue
Melbourne FL 32901

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