Island Center Park

Island Center Park

Thank goodness the city officials at Melbourne Beach have figured out a way to keep most of the beach parking free for everybody that comes to visit! As a Florida native I've seen lots a different city centers like Sarasota beach and Miami Beach turn people off because you have to pay every single place you go on the island. We want to make this island so hospitable that people want to come here when the Surf Report is good. We want them to spend their hotel dollars and stay here, which is a lot more valuable than just a dollar in the parking meter. I give them credit for being on top of their game and keeping things the way it should be, and provide free parking for guests at the beach.

Ocean park is a small little area that has a big impact on the things that happen Along the Shoreline. A lot of the beach parties happen right here, it's a perfect little park where everybody that once a swim can be in the water. They have shower area to clean up after you get the salt all over you in the Atlantic Ocean and to clean your feet.

This is the one of the better city parks although I do like bicentennial park and loggerhead preserve big time. The one thing they do charge for is if you want to rent one of the facilities or the community centers, and the pavilions. You can go online to the Melbourne Beach Florida website and download the facilities rental application which has everything detail you need about taking advantage of the community facilities. You can contact town hall if you have any questions on their phone number. Remember there are no pets or animals permitted at any of the parks at the beaches or in town.

It's really in a good location next to the Sand on the Beach restaurant which is nice to go to for lunch. Everybody loves a good Beach Bar after you hit the waves are to your Surfing and it is nice that this particular beach park has something so special right next to it. When you park it Ocean Park parking lot, the Sand on the Beach restaurant is just to your right only down maybe fifty yards or one hundred yards maximum.

The Sandbar Pizza grill is very close along a1a drive. There's a burrito shop within a couple of hundred yards which has a really good menu. Having everything close by makes it easy to have a full day at the park for food, hydration and a great time surfing her Body Boarding. You probably won't find a better place to enjoy the day at the beach and thank goodness this is free Beach Parking!
Alton V.

Ocean Park

1001 Atlantic Street
Melbourne Beach FL 32951

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