Melbourne Beach Historic Site

Melbourne Beach Historic Site

All of the surprises really add up in a small beach town, but you will come across all sorts of neat things. Did you know that the Atlantic Railroad actually had tracks laid down years and years before there was a bridge to the mainland. There were no cars out here at all and there was no bridge to get to the other side, meaning off the island. How in the world could somebody actually build a railroad when there was no bridge for the railroad to leave? It is unbelievable to see that history right before you at this Melbourne Beach historic site.

You can't miss this, it's right in the city center next to Ocean Park on atlantic street. It is one block from Sand on the Beach waterside eatery, the big bar on the water. I would park the car and the free parking lot and get out and explore a bit. You can walk around the city center of really in about thirty minutes depending on if you stop and really get into the detail. There Shopping at or a bunch of little tiny shops. Expressions of local art just happens to be our favorite at 307 ocean avenue but there are many good things in the historic district over off east haven avenue.

I've come to the conclusion when you're Exploring a beach area it's a lot better just to wear your tennis shoes and socks. You can cover more ground and feel confident that you're not going to do anything to your feet or toes like you do with flip-flops. I never would even think about coming out here to the beach and walking around without some kind of footwear. There is wet wearable beach shoes and those are okay as well. Not gonna want to just hang out at your hotel and the swimming pool all the time so be on the move.

Melbourne beach has a few different places like to rent bicycles. I think a brevard Beach Bike is a lot of fun and you cover a tremendous amount of mileage over say a three or four day vacation. You might as well lose weight while you're checking out things like this wonderful Atlantic Railroad memorial. I give captain alfred wilcox a lot of credit for being behind something special. The monument says that the railroad extended from the Atlantic Ocean directly straight west where ocean avenue now resides, all the way to the new Melbourne Beach Pier which is next to the bridge.

I love the old stuff mixed in with all the new vibrant beach things. A little bit a history goes a long way while you're walking and exploring and to think and talk about why your drinking one of those margaritas at the Beach Bar. We had fun on this vacation, and I think Indialantic and Melbourne Beach are a true blessing in disguise that we didn't realize was so fun to explore!
Allie H.

Atlantic Railroad

1003 Atlantic Street
Melbourne Beach FL 32951
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