Melbourne Waterfront Park

Melbourne Waterfront Park

Being new to the area, the first time we discovered this city park was when we wanted to find a place to unload our bicycles so we could go over the Melbourne Causeway Bridge. We noticed how popular this fantastically scenic waterfront sidewalk is and the bottom of the bridge comes right out here at Claude Edge Park otherwise known to most people apparently as front street park. It's extremely close to the Mansion Restaurant and you can see the Rooftop Bar right from the parking lot here next to the boat ramp.

It was kind of a rainy cloudy day and there weren't that many boats using the boat ramp. Bring Your Boat, it looks like the perfect place to head out to get out in the indian river. We were not here for the boating, as fitness was on our mind because it looked great to be able to go up to the top of that bridge. As you walk along from front street park as you're heading up the bridge you actually pass up another little city park called kiwanis park at geiger point. Maybe it took us approximately fifteen minutes to get over the bridge to the other side, and it was quite entertaining.

The Downtown historic Melbourne area is really lucky to have a pedestrian friendly bridge that goes directly to the Atlantic Ocean. I think a great thing would be to park your car right here at this park and then walk to the bizarro Pizza shop right at the beach and get a slice of pizza right there with and iced tea. The area is fabulous and has lots to see so why not get out on your two feet or using your bicycle and explored all.

If you want even more exercise and a little farther distance as a target, why not go for the Sand on the Beach restaurant. Going a long distance on your feet in this area is easy to do because eye candy is everywhere you look. I love the old buildings and the new things that are going up equally as well. Most of the old stuff is in the downtown historic district and you will notice really modern hotels and restaurants have gone up over the past few years along state road A1A. I couldn't say enough good things about all the outdoor opportunities for recreational activities. We went to quite a few different city parks and thoroughly enjoyed each one of them.

This town is great because you have free parking just about everywhere. The signs are very clear where there's free parking down along Crane Creek and the Melbourne Harbor area. Do not miss the Crane Creek Promenade where they feed the birds. It's exceptional and every now and then the big railroad track will actually have a train come through and you were here it right here from this neat little Community Park. For parking near the Atlantic Ocean, we recommend Ocean Park.
Marisol J.

Claude Edge Park

2210 Front Street
Melbourne FL 32901

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