Lovely Shoreline at Your Islamorada Hotel

Lovely Shoreline at Your Islamorada Hotel

It is a very cute little hotel, a winning pick on Upper Matecumbe Key. The second floor units have the best view below the coconut tree tops. Rear rooms have a good view all the way to the Reef Lighthouse. Boats go by all day, and the docks are really good for night fishing.
Homer I.

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Get into the Water

Matecumbe harbor beach is a good on the lower end of the island of Islamorada. Busiest on the weekends when more boats pull up, which is entertaining to see and better if you have a boat! That is a must do beach at mile marker seventy three of the Florida Keys. A free swim park on the Atlantic Ocean!

Is this something to see, big and calm. It is nice, park the car by the Shoreline and you can really get into the water like no other place. This is the view I want to see each and every day. The area is called matecumbe harbor, just below the city of Islamorada.

Issac B.

Snorkeling Hotel

80001 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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