Family spots to visit around Key Largo

It was very nice to stay in the Upper Keys, as we had only stayed prior in Key West. Now I see what a great City Center you have with both Tavernier and Key Largo. There are a zillion neat places to go from Lake Surprise around mile marker 106 and Plantation Key at mm-88. That is the area we explored for a full week in April. What a fun zone, we now would recommend the area to all. Great Beaches, parks, seafood, and fishing holes. Yeah to the Upper Keys.
Edgardo Y.

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This is Tavernier Beach Park

Love this park, you can use the boat ramp to get out to the reefs. The closest reef buoys are at Molasses Reef. For the scuba diving folks, the Bibb and Duane artificial ship reefs are just a little further out past the Molasses Reef.

Sharlene G.

Has swimming and a neat boat ramp

Thank goodness for Tavernier Creek, as that cut through channel is the only way to get to The Other Side on the lower end of Key Largo. It is between mile markers 90 and 91, next to Plantation Key. It is about three miles down from Harry Harris Park. Boaters will use the Creek Channel.

Archie N.

Tavernier Beach

55 East Beach Drive
Tavernier FL 33037

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