Sports Bar

Sports Bar

My perfect beach vacation day is surfing and enjoying the waterfront during the day and then heading to one of the coolest ever sports bars for the evening cocktails and food. This place is great and so nicely located on East New Haven Avenue in the Downtown historic district of Melbourne Florida. You can't miss it right here in the middle of the action. I am assuming that the name Off the Traxx is directly related to the fact that the railroad track is right next to the bar, maybe thirty yards away. I really like the catchy name and it goes good with this beautiful location just a block or two from the waterfront river Basin near the Melbourne Yacht Club at Crane Creek.

I know what I want out of a good Sports Bar like and that is a nice entertainment vibe inside, not too loud and where you can actually hear the commentators to some degree on the TV during the big games. They have really good Pizza here and that's one of the favorites and I noticed a lot of people buying a whole pizza to go. I think this is one of the better places to go out for a nice dinner with the friends and family. The city of Melbourne is lucky to have so many good things to do like this all within a short distance of the Atlantic Ocean. There are a smorgasbord of different places to eat like and you never have to use your automobile because you can get to everything by using your bicycle.

The first thing you're gonna want to do when you get into the bar is check out the specials menu. Each day they have a whole different list of drink specials and food specials. The servers here are really funky and special, very nice indeed. Some of the girls can dress pretty nice in a manner that the guys will like. The lady servers don't tend to dress in full clothing and just show enough skin to make things a little spicy. When I go out to eat, I like to have fun and that means lots to look at. Having some eye candy is nothing bad at all. They have some really beautiful women that work here as servers. When you take your eye off the menu it's nice to look at something that is delicious in her own right!

The hours are excellent, as Off the Traxx is open seven days a week from 11am until 2am. Thank goodness we got a nice bar that's open late-night for the people that have to work in the bar industry and don't get off until later in the evening. A lot of the local restaurant workers and staff members come here on a consistent basis and you can tell a lot of people know each other. The Downtown Pizza Window is here for you and available seven days a week until two am for take-out pizza. The main kitchen area is open until one am and then it's pizza only until two am, and then it's time to go home and hit the hay!

You can look at the menu online and you'll see they have it all from sandwiches, calzones, Pasta bowls, big salads and a nice list of appetizers if you just want to nibble and drink some cold budweiser. I just can't get over the pizza menu and I would tell people to go for that, which come in nine inch, sixteen inch, and eighteen inch pizza sizes. I am a big fan of the Margarita pizza made with the fresh olive oil that comes from the restaurant that's right next to Off the Traxx sports bar. Yes there's an olive oil shop right here on east new haven avenue and why not feature it inside a Margarita pizza pie.

If you're really hungry and want to try some different go with the stromboli that's made with homemade sausage, pepperoni, sliced mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and they use fresh dough to wrap it all together and have a really spicy fresh marinara sauce. We love all the great places to eat in this wonderful city like here for the people coming to the Weekend Market. We have to recommend this as a excellent choice for the food and the sports bar vibe.
Kristine B.

Off the Traxx

918 East New Haven Avenue
Melbourne FL 32901

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