Planning Ahead for Sightseeing Transportation

Planning Ahead for Sightseeing Transportation

What is so neat about Key West is that mopeds and scooters are very popular and affordable on the island. When you drive these carefully and cautiously, they can safely zoom you around. Plus they are quiet now too. Use a helmet if you need to on both scooters and bicycles it is highly recommended. When you rent a scooter be sure you fully understand where to lock it, parking rules, and all of the basic safety procedures. Then, go have some fun!
Weston R.

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Super Fun Electric Cars

This is one city that is on top of bicycle transportation. So you do need to be careful and follow the rules. You can get yourself a traffic ticket for breaking through a stoplight. The same thing goes for the electric cars.

Foster J.

Eco-friendly electric cars

Key West also uses are heavy amount of undercover police officers driving normal looking automobiles. It is much safer just to follow along, there is no hurry here on Keys Time! Make sure your bicycle has lights and reflectors on both front and rear as required.

Lupe V.

A and M Scooters

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Key West FL 33040

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