Order a Sirloin Steak

Order a Sirloin Steak

This is the beach bar we recommend to everybody for the great menu. What could be better than a black and blue sirloin steak and a big salad, plus some cold beer or strong poor cocktails! The location is excellent because you can walk across the street and be right at the beach. There's a lot of good condominiums and hotels such as sunfun1925.com rentals nearby for people that want to have a Beach Vacation and have lots a good choices for beach bar pleasures. This trip we stayed at the barefootbeachresort.com hotel and we could walk to the entrance in less then two minutes.

The bar and grill is a legendary beach landmark, which you cannot miss it on Gulf Boulevard. It is all about tasty food, happy hour drink specials, dancing at night and pleasurable surroundings. After all of the Shoreline walking, go in and get a hand cut prime choice grade beef steak dinner. They have lots of fresh caught seafood picks, wine, beer, and a raw bar. It is the perfect choice for an evening of yummy dining. Everyone here is nice with all the best of service and hospitality. Located in Indian Rocks Beach overlooking the intercoastal water, and very Boater Friendly.
Theresa Z.

The Pub

20025 Gulf Boulevard
Indian Rocks Beach FL 33785
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