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Orlando Hospital

These are tips for handling stray cats so they do not scratch you, and will keep the blood from spilling on the floor! The natural defensive methods for all cats to get away is to scratch, squirm, bite, and run. Key is not to do things to them they do not want, but sometimes they need medical treatment.

If you do not handle them correctly, you are likely the one needing emergency treatment. I had a rough time with peekaboo, as she did not want to get spayed. The cat carrier box was tough to use, as I did not practice with it before putting her inside. Darn if she did not get away once, but twice.

Thinking I was out of luck, I took her sister howdeedo down to the Animal Hospital and then planned my strategy on the way home. This time it was necessary to close all the doors, put on gloves, and flip the hiding-places-furniture over.

My doubts were high that it would succeed but ultimately it did. Being a cat foster for only two days did not allow her to get used to everything, plus the cardboard cat carrier boxes are tricky to use.

Using sweet talk and highly fragrant food did not work.

This calico kitty is smart and very ski-dish in the morning, and warms up throughout the day. The appointment was early in the morning, which made things tougher for sure. Getting the female cats spayed is important and I did it with only a few cat scratches to show for it!
Diego P.

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Cat Handling Skills

Cat scratches has sent many a person to the Orlando Regional Medical Center. It is however good cat handling skills. When you drop them off perhaps you will get the quick low down on the human risks from scratches and/or bites to stay out of the Orlando hospital.

Obviously you must feel there is absolutely no disease passing risk to me taking these two in, so my lack of the facts is the only thing missing! I have been reading up, but have plenty to learn ahead about cats to human disease passing. I am very much looking forward to this cat fostering opportunity!

Freddy D.

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