Family Golf

Family Golf

We would recommend the miniature golf on International Drive where they offered the fifty percent off coupon. The first thing you want to do in town, is grab the discount so you can pay a little bit less for everything from golf to the restaurants. A town like this is all about having fun with the family and what a perfect thing to do. I like this kind of stuff, it's competitive and you don't have to pay the Theme Park prices.

The I-Ride Trolley has a bunch a discounts on the bottom of the pamphlet, so make sure you get that before you break out your golf bag. This place is fun and it's not that easy to get holes in one. They do put some of the simple ones in here so you might get lucky, but plan on having fun no matter what your score is. The whole point of this is to have a good time with the Music playing in the background and You can Buy beer or wine.

What could be better than drinking some alcohol and playing some sports. If you can hit it into the giant volcano I believe you win a prize. This is a good thing for anybody that's gonna have a birthday party, as they have group rates. Make sure you check the internet special where they have the same discount coupon to print out.

It is open from 9am to around 11:30pm or midnight depending on if it's a weekend or regular day of the week.
Gretchen A.

Hawaiian Rumble

8969 International Drive
Orlando FL 32819

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