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I am really pumped up to go to Citywalk again this year. We've been here quite a few times but I haven't been here lately just because we been vacationing in other destinations like the Florida Keys in Key West plus Daytona Beach and we did Fort Lauderdale beach about a month ago.

What's cool about Citywalk is you don't really have to go to the theme parks to be in a festive environment. I like the rides periodically but that's not my primary focus. It would be nice if they had a reduced admission so you could go inside Universal Studios but not be able to use any of the rides, a lower price ticket with no rides allowed just Shopping, browsing, and eating at the yummy sopranospizzaplace.net restaurants.

I've been trying to keep up with the local Orlando news mynews13.com and the Music scene is constantly changing so it's hard to follow that. They will have music for sure on Christmas eve and Christmas Day at Citywalk band stand, won't they? When you go on google and put in Citywalk Orlando schedule you get a series of different things that could be the one that you're looking for so you have to do is click the first one and see if that's it.

I am looking for a daily calendar that explains things like what time the music band stand is playing. I clicked the first wanted to didn't show anything except for the pictures and basic information. It my not be that easy to get good information on what's going on each day, but I like the whole concept and we have fun every time. We might even have time for the Blue Man Group. For sure we are going to go to the Hard Rock live cafe and there's the Nascar Sports Bar which is fabulous for food and the big mountain of nachos. This is similar to the Espn Club at the Disney Boardwalk. We love fun places and Do not Miss the Hard Rock Hotel Preview!
Elaine G.


6000 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819
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