Overseas Highway Seafood

Overseas Highway Seafood

This is a super place to stop for dinner, as it sits right off the highway with plenty of free parking. Ballyhoo's is really famous for the all-you-can-eat stone crabs during the catching season. I love the menu and any of their shrimp or crabs. Have a cocktail and swap some Fish Tales while you're there!
Rosetta Q.

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Upscale Eating

Go here for the complete menu, with lots of yummy dishes. Put this on the upscale side of things, and you get treated like royalty with great service and a wonderful wine menu. I love the cast iron mahi platter. There is something special about lightly blackened seafood, which seems to have the best taste of all. The spices really add to the fresh fish and give it something that lingers in the pallet for a while after each bite. I love to sip on cold beer personally, maybe it's because the hot day and all the of the outdoor activities on the reefs. I can't help but eat seafood with the focus on things Underwater. During the season you can get the famous Florida lobster grilled and they do a good job with the spices and the key lime butter. One of the most popular dishes is called chicken under a brick and trust me they know how to make really good chicken dishes. The areas really good for dining, that's why we like staying in the Key Largo area around Mile Marker One Hundred or so where most of the restaurants are located.

Harry O.


97800 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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