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What to do if my cat catches a cold? ? It is very normal for cats to catch a cold, and the first time it happened to my cat, I called my Orlando Pet Veterinarian for advice. Make sure to look for all of the symptoms such as eye or nasal discharge. A quick phone call made me feel better.

They said good morning and thanks for the info, as I explained the symptoms. I dd not see any other symptoms such as eye or nasal discharge. Periodically there is a definite sneeze. In between she seems to be clearing her throat, and her head thrusts forward, which seems like a cough. She is doing this clearing-her-throat every five to ten seconds or so, consistently, then long quiet periods. She might be slightly better today, than last night.

Her appetite is good, she is attentive and in overall good spirits otherwise. Lots of licking, playing and sister bonding. It does not seem urgent, but you may feel different. If you think it is ok, then tomorrow, Tuesday, the Pet Hospital staff members can do a quick viewing and make your diagnosis. I am sure in one minute or so, your pet veterinarian visual inspection and diagnosis will point howdeedo in the right direction!
Madge Q.

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You are right, sounds like she might be coming down with a kitty cold. Sometimes they catch it at the veterinarian clinic they go to for spay-neuter. I hate to think it, but there are a lot of kitties that go in and out of there, so I know it's possible.

We can start her on antibiotics, which I can bring it you Tuesday, or if you can pick up from me tomorrow, I could put it out in front of my house next to the pillar to the left of my front door. Let me know if you want to do that and I'll make sure it's out there before I leave for the day. Good job for look to see if there are there any other symptoms, such as eye or nasal discharge? Thanks for being observing and letting the Orlando animal care staff know so quickly!

Francesca D.

Cat Catches a Cold

You have some great ideas! On another note, my sick cat seems to sneeze and cough more today. I think it would be good for me to let the cat foster organization folks know. She is very happy, moving great, purring, just lots of cat sneezing and coughing. Thanks for the ideas on what to do if my cat catches a cold.

She does have a bit less energy. The pet lady is going to bring antibiotics tomorrow and do a visual diagnosis. She seems to have mega experience dealing with so many cats being a cat foster and has all the medication too. I will let you know what she says then.

Irma S.

Kitty Cold

Ok, sounds good on the kitty cold situation. I'll bring the antibiotics tomorrow morning. I will bring some lysine powder which can be sprinkled in their wet food to boost their immune system and help them fight infections and help howdeedo get better more quickly.

See you tomorrow for Summer Season Specials and the vacation ideas! Hopefully it's not flooding down there with all this rain, we want Fun at Universal without an umbrella!

Bernardo K.

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