Playing in the Boneyard

Playing in the Boneyard

That Dinoland is a special place and one of the coolest little amusement zones in Orlando. For children in the 4 to 12 range, this is where you want to concentrate and start your day. There are cool playgrounds like no other, meaning the dinosaur Boneyard.

Kids will have the best time. We think the best back-to-school special is to take a trip to Disney. It is the best time to hit the theme parks when all the kids are in the Orange County school classroom and not at The Theme Parks. Animal Kingdom is A good Place for the family and your small kids will have a good time.

I know the adults and teenagers will have fun because this Theme Park is devoted towards educational animal items and lots of Live Shows and entertainment. It's nice that they put in quite a few different play areas for small children. If you have never had the opportunity to be here before, there are areas designated to Playground play.
Clara G.

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Play Areas

It's the perfect place to stop for a bit and let the kids play, while one person can go and get the Quick Service food. Here you know they give you Food Tray and you can take it close by to find a table or shady spot to eat.

It for sure is the best Playground for young kids. Yes, Super. After, for adults, try Brooks Brothers Factory Outlet for Shopping and the Dragon King for Dining. I will wait to leave to Go Shopping until you contact me with the theme park ticket discounts for tomorrow.

Alyssa G.


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