Poolside Disney Hotel Dining

Poolside Disney Hotel Dining

There are so many fantastic salads on the resort restaurant menu. It is a pleasure to enjoy an umbrella covered lunch at the poolside cafe. Salads at Disney are more than a pile of greens with dressing spooned over it. This is the place to get flavor combinations that only the Disney chefs can deliver poolside!

The cooks use blends of spices and oils with vegetables that are outstanding. You can eat fancy food, great burgers, and have Cocktails.

The place to get your cocktail or miller beer is called mardi grogs. Getting your buzz on in Orlando via party through the parks website couldn't be any better than a fun bar, and you get to sit outside with your drink in hand. It's nice just to chill out after all of the walking, and sometimes you just have to have a cold beer or one of those fancy Florida Keys rum runner drinks which are my second favorite.
Ahmed A.

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Mardi Grogs

The hotel is nice and maybe the best thing is the Bayou Princess boat that takes you back and forth on the Disney river. I don't think it really matters which of these resorts you pick, as long as you are close to some of the locations that you want to have fun during the day.

You don't want to spend more than ten minutes really going anywhere unless you're heading over to downtown to hit one of those cool restaurants or in the shopping district. Most people need to focus here locally because a week can go by lickety-split.

Ha, ha, ha. The booze is packed! I added these to my list. Tomorrow, after checking out the Disney Hotel Room coffee maker, I will hit the check out button.

Rhonda A.

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