Special things to do on the Ocean

QUESTION: Looking forward to our trip and are planning to go fishing from Marathon. Where is best to fish? ANSWER: The answer is easy, as the big winner for a fun day is on the Atlantic Ocean is the Marathon Lady. Oh yes, this is a hoot of fun and you meet lots of people. Everyone gets to know the other guests when they are reeling in something. It is nice, and good luck with the big sharks!
Dominique E.

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Watch out for the Sharks

There are big black tip and medium sized nurse sharks in the water at the docks. They eat everything that the guys toss in. Fun to see and we would definitely recommend this trip.

Barbra R.

Bring your ice to take your catch

Once you get here and spend a couple of days, the focus on fishing starts to sink in to your head. It is fun as the water is so clear, making it like a very special event. The guys that handle the boat and fish fileting are good, very nice.

Sheryl G.

Eating the Fresh Caught Seafood

Fish Tales Market and Restaurant is right there too. This is a fantastic place to buy your fish, all so fresh. You can get all the goodies: Mahi-Mahi - Triple Tail - Wahoo - Florida Sea Bass - Blue Fin Tuna - King Crab - Hogfish - Gulf shrimp - and Mussels for your Green Turtle Soup!

Jolene L.

Marathon Lady

11711 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050

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