Pump Fitness Center

Pump Fitness Center

I like to go early in the morning and leave the rest of the day to play. Studies show that weight-lifters had a reduced risk of factors linked to heart disease and diabetes. Staying in shape is super for having greater muscle strength and mass. This is the best place on the island do weightlifting to lower rates of metabolic syndrome.
Rachelle Q.

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Working Out

I have picked up my work outs to be ready for the massive calories of beer during the festival. Thank goodness a nice work out is a good hangover cure fitnessmagazine.com to use! The fat lady sings at la te da's tea dance which is the official end of Fantasy Fest. Check the parrot heads Key West schedule for all streetwise-locals. For those of you who plan ahead, the theme for Fantasy Fest is always some sort of intergalactic freak show type of thing. Celebrate and then back to the number one gym in Key West!

Angela J.

Island Gym

1119 White Street
Key West FL 33040

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