Renting Florida Keys Home

Renting Florida Keys Home

What a fun week for loads of time on the bike and that is me on the patio. That is our patio where we can watch the sunset. We are having a wonderful time in the fabulous Florida Keys. The weather here is warm enough to go swimming. This two bedroom rental was perfect.
Tiffany C.

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Sunset View

Ok, Florida Travel Commander, as saving money on a rental is a big deal. This looks like it will be a winner. We will have to check it out. Thanks for the Vacation Ideas and ways to save. That is a very good idea. I got rid of my land line phone number, to save money on my cable bill, so I only have my cell phone number now. Just wanted to let you know. The US1 internet connection is faster. That was part of the deal. Do know Key Colony Beach is wonderful to see and do for a week.

Rudy O.

Coral Lane Rental

103 Coral Lane
Key Colony Beach FL 33051

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