Clearwater Beach Patio Bar

Clearwater Beach Patio Bar

Right in the middle of the action is my favorite Clearwater Beach Seafood Restaurant. Our family loves to Sit Outside with a view. We are just too frigidity to sit inside restaurants these days, as looking at the walls no longer appeals to us. Crabby Bills is right along the marina fishing docks, where they buy the fish from the local charter fishing boats. Their fish is caught right out there in the Gulf Sea, ensuring the very freshest seafood dishes. The freshness is a huge part of the success story.
Jeremy Y.

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Enjoying the Clearwater Patio Bar

The restaurant and bar caught our attention, since it is directly across from the famous Pier 60 attraction. You cannot miss it, and will see and hear all the people eating, drinking, and enjoying the views from the Patio Bar. We loved the location and our lunch so much. Nice and casual for the beach crowd, just wear a shirt and flip-flops at a minimum.

Carmella L.

Crabby Bills

37 Causeway Boulevard
Clearwater Beach FL 33763

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