Great Places for Scuba Divers

The museum is well worth the time and energy. It really makes you want to head back to the hotel and grab your snorkel and fins. This attraction must really help the snorkel diving business in Islamorada. Hey, this is what the Florida Keys is all about!

The attraction is easy to find, right at mile marker 83 on the bayside. It fits with Islamorada, where sport Fishing and diving are the primary focus. We love the recreation, watersports, sand bar, and the Main Beach area. Try The Palms and pines for a Boater Friendly Islamorada Hotel.

Staying and touring Islamorada Florida is fun. It is one of the best things to do. I never would have known that so much cool stuff went on Underwater, the pioneers are really an amazing bunch. We really enjoyed the visit and they show you everything so hands on.
Erika I.

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Scuba Center is a nice Attraction

For those that are boat owners and scuba divers this might just be the very best treat for you! This is how the real watersports were created. A nice attraction and then you can eat in Hog Heaven bar. Put it on the to do list as you get much value from the experience and it is water-based.

Christi F.

History of Diving Museum

82990 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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