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The things we saw were great, especially the fish. There were lots of blue-striped Grunts, gray Snappers, bermuda chubs, and yellowtail snapper. Most places you cannot use a spear gun. Check the rules before using the spear gun, as they will bust you here.

Divers can take a refresher course here and you just have to ask on the phone or at the desk. It really helps get you back in the groove and give that confidence of knowledge.

Do it to be safe and get your scuba skills back to standard. After go for the food at White Street Bistro as it is a winner. What a day for a Refresher Scuba Dive Training trip.
Madelyn M.

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Diving is so fun in the Keys

One of the things we learned on our trip about John Pennekamp. He was the shining star of the Florida Keys conservation efforts. Working for the Miami newspaper gave him big clout and he made lots happen. So they named it John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

Rolando V.

Subtropic Dive Center

1605 North Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West FL 33040-7253

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