Sebastian Inlet Bridge

Sebastian Inlet Bridge

Everybody that staying anywhere from Cocoa Beach to Vero Beach has an amazing beach park that you have to check out. The park is located on the south side of Melbourne Beach when you're looking for it on the Brevard County Florida map. It's easy to spot when you get here close by because the bridge is huge. Very entertaining it is just to walk around on the seawalls and scope out the entire scene.

Fishing is huge and works pretty well because are so much bait fish in the water. Each and every time we come out to the park to explore there has been lots of shorebirds and the big seagulls that fly down and land in the water aiming for the underwater minnow fish. There are quite a few different places you can stop and get your Fishing bait here locally close by like and frozen shrimp work really well for the oceanfront Fishing, not the deep water.

Key to the whole thing is to understand the Sebastian Inlet Fishing report if you're gonna be out here casting your line. You can call some of the local Fishing shops or just read up online and that way you know whether you're going to be getting some speckled trout or maybe some pompano on the end of your hook. Everybody wants to catch the black drum fish and the funny looking flounder are actually really good to eat.
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Park is Amazing

You don't have to go all away to Key West or the Florida Keys to have a really good time with the Florida Fishing. Fishing along the ocean does take a few different skill sets starting with usually a big weight so you can cast out far from The Shoreline. It's amazing what can happen when you're out here with the wind conditions as storms or cold fronts cruise through. The big weight on the end of the Fishing line let you toss it pretty darn deep out into the ocean and it will sink to the bottom where the fish like to swim.

Do not think fish just swim at the top of the water, which they often don't. Most fish like to be around structure and that means down along the bottom where the grass and rocks are located. By having your weight at the bottom and your Fishing hooks up maybe twelve inches or twenty-four inches, you have a good chance of getting all of the bottom fish cruising by looking for your juicy pink shrimp!

If you're really into it you can go out on one of the Fishing charters like to really get into some big game fish. The key is to understand what the Fishing reports are saying about productivity, because you want to go when it works. This park is amazing and has a lot of good things going on starting with the great Surfing opportunities that the local community provides. There's nothing like a trip to the beach to have a little bit a variety of water sports and Fishing and Surfing should be at the top of the list. I like Cocoa Beach for the nightlife and the beach bars, the Fishing at Sebastian Inlet plus food, and the Shopping at the Vero Beach outlet malls.

We will be continuing to come back to the area because of the good things to do. We would rate Sebastian Inlet as one of the better Fishing parks and sightseeing things you will have an opportunity to enjoy on the Atlantic Ocean. Look to read our review about the residents inn resort we got to stay at Melbourne Beach which is when we did our Fishing.

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Sebastian Inlet

9700 South A1A
Melbourne Beach FL 32951
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