One of the better things to do on your Clearwater Beach vacation is taking the sightseeing tour. The island is just the right size and has these huge sidewalks in the main area, plus there is so much eye candy in every direction. I love going around looking at all of the area and learning more about the best Things to Do, so I would do the sightseeing tours on the segway on your first day.

It's nice to get an overview of the entire tourist district, and it really helps you get your bearings down so you can continue on doing more touring on your bicycle. What a great way to discover the island, and have such a joyous fun time. This is your personal transporter, and it's wonderful and darn easy to do.

If you've never done it before, then you definitely want to do this. They are called a self balancing personal transportation device, the segway is designed to go anywhere you would go on a bicycle as an example. Just like a Longboard, the segway is designed to respond to your body movement. A little bit of a lean left or right, and that starts a gradual turn. The staff is excellent and will show you exactly how you need to do this during a little training session that takes about twenty minutes before the official tour begins.

It doesn't take but just a little bit of time to get the confidence to use this wonderful People Mover. It will make you want to go by one, trust me. That was one of the first things I did when I got back home after my vacation, to look up to see what it would cost to get one of these so I could use it back home. No high heel shoes, but of course who would have high heel shoes on during a Beach Vacation.

If you have any questions why not stop over and take a look at the vehicles and pick up a brochure, and get a little introductory preview. It's really fun and there's Lots to do in the area. What could be more fun than trying something new!
Judi U.

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Sightseeing Ideas

It's a pretty cool thing to do in this area. We like Active Vacation Area pleasures that you don't have to use your automobile. You can definitely bicycle ride over the Sand Key Beach Park and do enjoy the views on top of the bridge.

You want to Stay in the Beach Zone to have more fun and see everything. Another thing to consider is the Boat Rental Ride options. I would recommend the Dolphin Watch Nature Boat tour.

Roseann A.

Segway Tours

421 South Gulfview Boulevard
Clearwater Beach FL 33767

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