Shows filled with Surprises

Shows filled with Surprises

The small kids really liked Stitch's Great Escape. The theater behind the ride and show is solid. You will think you are going on a space ride or a roller coaster style attraction. We stayed at the worldgate resort, very nice for families. I used the add site option and included the website. We would stay there again as it takes a couple of days to do all of the shows and Music Events at the Magic Kingdom Theme Park.
Brittany B.

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Surprises on the Rides

I love that photo where you exit out of Stitch's Great Escape, as all are smiling. Would you mind coming up in two weeks for All-Star Music Resort then to the Residence Inn Melbourne Beach hotel? I have to get some work done on my car so I need to drop it off at the mechanic. I found a new Lake Buena Vista auto mechanic for tires and more.

Did you know that they are Disney and aaa approved. I got an oil change and they recommended some work so I want to get it done. It is work to keep transmission running smooth for more Disney vacations and heading to Clearwater Beach Pier. Ok Florida Travel Commander, the Disney camera for the rides in 360 hd, I will bring it down. I will be finished with it tomorrow.

Saundra F.

Stitch's Great Escape

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