Sidney Fischer Beach

Sidney Fischer Beach

The list of good things to do on a Florida Beach Day is fantastic for ideas. Definitely for sure to me beach chairs are the number one important thing to bring to the beach.

Take your beach chairs and put them in the water so you are part of the Atlantic Ocean experience. You will feel every wave as it cruises over your feet. I love how the tide changes so drastically in this part of Florida. You will see it often where people have their towels down out on the shoreline and then the tide shifts and comes up and scoops away their towels and sunglasses.

The waves do not discriminate on anything you leave on The Shoreline. Outgoing tide is really neat because the shoreline has really shallow water that the skim boarders use to ride. My second favorite thing besides beach chairs, is a Boogie Board to take advantage of the waves. You don't want to sit the whole time, take some long walks and Ride the Waves. Boogie boarding is an art form in itself and so good for exercise that you will need to sit for a while after fighting against the waves.

This beach park is excellent and has lots of parking. The location is prime for getting to everything using your feet Along the Shoreline. This is about the center most part of the entire Cocoa Beach strip. It's a public area and a fantastic zone to have a good time and do some Fishing in the Ocean.
Kieth U.

Sidney Fischer Park

Fisher Park Drive
Cocoa Beach FL 32931

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