Looking for Spiny Dinner

So fun to do and you do not have to be a professional scuba diver to do this. It is easy to go out and search for some seafood treats to eat! Even beginner snorkelers can catch some dinner Underwater in the Florida Keys. It is so healthy playing and swimming, the dives burn mega calories. This is one of the most healthy sports you can do in the water.
Randi B.

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Hunting for Marine Critters

Spending time hunting for the marine critters is just amazing. Seafood has been a staple on the plate of Florida Residents for as long as humans can remember. The Boat Trips are very entertaining, just the drive out and back is a hoot. Plus you get to jump in and get some lobster.

Corine W.

Bring your Lobster Catching Kit

There are a few different Divers Direct locations in the Florida Keys and they have the lobster catching kits. You get all you need in the Lobster Kits and it is cheaper to buy it as a group. The key to lobster catching is the measurements, required by Florida Law.

Francisca F.

Mini Lobster Season

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Key West FL 33040

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