Standup Paddle Boards

Standup Paddle Boards

It was a pleasure to find a great place to take our standup paddle boards and tour a really scenic zone. Impressive it is, I'm glad this was pointed out to us as being one of the better places to go for the standup paddle boards around Melbourne Beach. The best thing about over here is you are protected all 360 degrees when you're in the Crane Creek river.

If it's windy out I would say stay inside and explore the interbay areas where there's a lot of nature. I like it because with the flatwater you can see every time a fish or manatee or anything moves the water. The ripples are easy to tell therefore you have an idea of what's going on underneath the water which adds an element to the riding sensation.

Using the kayaks and standup paddle boards is definitely on the to do list if I'm recommending a Melbourne Beach itinerary. There's just something special about it being in control of the watercraft even if it's just a big board and a paddle. You are the captain and there's no motor, so fighting the elements of the wind, the tide, and any boat waves is your battle. There are people that are going to be boating in and out of Melbourne Harbor and that's about the only time you have to deal with any kind of stressful situation if you are beginning paddle border.

For those of you coming here On Vacation, the best thing is just a way to you get here and do a search on google for Melbourne Beach standup paddle board rentals. The local shops are all about the same price so I am not going to recommend any specific one, but any of the good ones. The process to rent a paddleboard is not that big of a deal they are nice about it. You can get a quick little lesson on how to stand up on the board and they will do it right there in the shop for you.

I would recommend checking in on one of the standup paddleboard trips where they bring your paddleboard rental to you at the waterfront and they will pick you up somewhere downwind so you can really get a good long ride. You have to set that up, or just rent one and take off from the beach. If you have a week there is no reason why at least one of the days you can't take a couple of hours or even just one hour will be sufficient to get you the sensation at a pretty decent price.

For those people that are less skilled and don't want to take the danger of falling into the water into the equation, the kayak is the way to go. The sit in kayaks are very stable and you won't fall over once you get in them and have your butt in the seat. Everybody's got a different skill set and a tolerance for the water so pick the sport that is right for you. Some people need to go with others for a little extra help and reassurance. You can take lessons and that way you can have an expert right there by your side that is very patient and will teach you how to use your board, it's just like taking Surfing Lessons.

The challenges of a vacation are your water sports adventures. Try your best to make some time and spend at least a few funds on something that you can do on the waterfront. I think you'll find it to be extra special and a highlight of your trip!
Edgar B.

Melbourne Harbor

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