Sunrise Tackle Center

Sunrise Tackle Center

One of the things we like so much about these vacation trips near the water is the authentic fishing opportunities. The place for bait and tackle is right here next to the cruise port, and you can get it all down to the right saltwater lures to catch that fish of the day. *Live bait and all the fishing equipment is sold daily. This is really a Convenience Store where you can get Beer and munchies, even sauces to cook up the fish when you get back to your home or hotel. I like this place, and have to recommend it highly.

We've been coming here for years because we own a Cocoa Beach condominium. The Cape Canaveral marina here next to the bait store is fantastic, just on the other side and of course it's very boater friendly. Go for fish sandwiches with the local waterfront bars and restaurants right here. We are big fans of Grills Tiki Bar for the fresh catch seafood. We highly recommend you take a half day fishing trip out in the ocean as it is something special and they can book you right here for the ocean obsession fishing trip. Trust me all you need to do is come down here to the store when you're In the Area to get motivated for Ocean Fishing.

To check out the area you can even bicycle ride from your hotel and Cocoa Beach the back way without any traffic. Lock your bicycles out front and explore the store and all the goodies which will get you psyched up to plan some kind of fishing or waterfront outing. Worst case chill at the bar next door and you will be happy with the views out over the marina and the Cape Canaveral shipping channel where the cruise ships go.
Emil R.

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Fishing Tackle

This is one of the places you can get smoked mullet and Cocoa Beach. The building has really improved as they did a complete remodeling of everything and it looks different than they historic photo.

It's in the same location and was just completely fixed up and modernized. There's some really good waterfront restaurants located right here where the cruise ships go off, and make sure you see the Disney Cruise ship, it is huge.

Christopher K.

Tackle Center

505 Glen Cheek Drive
Cape Canaveral FL 32920

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