Beautiful spots to add to the Itinerary

Beautiful spots to add to the Itinerary

This will be a two-week vacation for us, and we are planning to see all of the cool stuff in the Florida Keys. I remember the last time we were at the Southernmost Point, and one of the pictures remains on our refrigerator back home. We like all the free things that Key West offers, plus the outdoor fun adds a lot of fitness to our travel itinerary. Renting a boat seems like a lot of fun, so that's a new wrinkle we are adding to our next Florida Keys Vacation.
Johnny W.

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Getting around the island is so entertaining

Scooters let you see all of the Key West sightseeing spots. Actually, bicycles are great in this town just as good as scooters. It makes parking at the little attractions, like this, so easy. Most of the restaurants have spots designated for scooter parking, but not for cars.

Jordan T.

Special to See for all Visitors

It is a nice thing to do when on the bike tour. I was surprised that the Conch Train does not let riders get off to take a photo. Go here on your bicycle.

Rosario R.

Southernmost Point Buoy

400 South Street
Key West FL 33040

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