Guest Services

Guest Services

It is time to arrive at the big Theme Park day and you been looking forward to this for a month or two but you forgot something like your confirmation number for the ticket! Maybe you need help for a child or grandparent and do not understand where to rent a stroller. I bet a lot of people want to know about how to take advantage of the Florida Resident Discount. Where should you go if you want to check to see if you're Florida Resident Discount was applied to your ticket or not?

At the very front of each of the theme parks is a really nice and convenient place to use the restroom and to get questions answered. Anybody who's not using the restroom can be the designated person to go up to the answer and question booth and find out whatever you're trying to figure out. I always want to know when some kind of certain band is playing or maybe who is going to be at the main Citywalk band stand area at a certain time of day.

As a Universal Orlando website gets better and better you should be able to get an hourly listing of every major venue and just poke your finger on it when looking at the Universal Orlando website. You should be able to know exactly who is playing at two pm at the Universal CityWalk band stand. That wouldn't be too much to ask, and it might not be anybody, but it could say what the next performance is and the time. Simply it might say it's just waiting for the next performance at five pm. You definitely should be able to figure all of the events out a little bit better than I think what were getting right now. I'm on a committee and we are trying to get all of the events and activities of Orlando integrated into one central database.

For most people you probably won't need to ask any questions because you can figure everything out for yourself, but it is nice to get things resolved if you have any issues whatsoever. Once you're inside there's lots of people to ask questions on where are the good spots like for the happy hour beer specials? As online tools get better and they have ability to have real-time answers to questions, there's nothing wrong with the good old-fashioned Guest Services at the Front Desk of the hotel or the Theme Park. It works and it's here waiting for you every single day of the year, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.
Stacie J.

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