Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue

The best Tampa animal rescue organization is the place to adopt a pet or become a pet foster. I have seen the work of these wonderful volunteers first hand, and it got me motivated to become a cat foster myself! In the photo is peekaboo, a four month old calico that was dumped at Walmart and so now I am fostering this lovely kitty until the forever home is found.

The focus of the organization is helping sick, injured and stray domestic animals. With the huge Stray Cat population we have in Tampa, helping means spaying the females and neutering the males, plus providing medical services as needed. It has been an honor to foster cats until they are adopted into a full time home with loving human parents!

You can get involved with pet rescue and adoptions too. Anyone considering getting a pet should focus on pet adoption from a shelter! The St Francis Animal Rescue organization's goal is to match homeless shelter pets with loving/caring forever homes. Lots of adoptable pets are waiting at any given time, so please get involved in whatever way you can: fostering, adopting, or donating your time and-or money. What a great opportunity, one that has changed my life!
Freda P.

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Pet Foster

Being a South Tampa pet foster is a true treat. I took both calicos in, howdeedo and peekaboo, they are sisters. Peekaboo has made it to the top of the refrigerator! On Wednesday morning the kitties go to the veterinarian for their spay surgery, combo testing, vaccines, and micro chip placement. This is the animal health center at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, at 3809 north armenia avenue.

It works like this, drop them off before 8am and then pick them up at 4pm. Just a heads up, since they will be sore. The st francis foster lady supervisor said they will be much better after three or four days. If you come tomorrow, then they will be full speed fun! Of course this weekend you can enjoy their companionship too. You pick the days that work best for you. They are so adoptable.

Elma P.

Cat Foster

I would be interested for sure big-time. I did want to understand a few things about the system overall. Below I use the phrase, all the cats, meaning not just these cuties but any in the future. Question, are all the cats that would be ever be placed full immunized.

Meaning, I have no worries if I get scratched or bitten. Is paper work provided to prove that? Answer, I asked the rescuer and these kittens have not had anything yet. In this situation they can go immediately to the humane society animal health center to get spayed, combo tested, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Colby D.

Cat Foster Frequently Asked Questions

My question is, what about fleas? Are all the Tampa Bay foster cats pretreated with the flea drops? Fleas love me for some reason! Answer, they will give you flea preventative, deworming meds, and a typed instructional sheet on what the medication protocol is. In general, when cats and kittens need our fostering help, they usually come to the foster needing to be deflead and dewormed.

I usually bring the capstar with me so that the fleas are starting to die on the way home. Capstar is a lifesaver! It only prevents for twenty four hours so it needs to be followed by a monthly preventative, but it's the only thing that kills all he fleas and flea eggs in an hour. Since that's a long commute, the fleas will be dead by the time they get to you.

Ira N.

Animal Care

You are the teacher. When she gets on counter you have to remove. Do not take photo. Remove first or she will want to eat the Cuban Food and all the leftovers. She is cute, and the pet veterinarian must have loved her.

Sebastian C.

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