Theme Park Event Planning

Theme Park Event Planning

We love the Citywalk and universal things to do. It is fun in this area, just pick one of the Hotels in Orlando close to Everything so you do not waste time. The key is to hit the ground running, so to speak. I was hoping somebody could answer the question to me as follows: is the Universal Citywalk Parking lot free after six pm during Christmas eve and Christmas Day, and really for new year's day. Does anybody know the answer to that question as I could not find it at all on their website. You would think they would have a schedule that would explain by the day and the hour exactly what the parking fee is when you go to Universal Studios Orlando.

It's amazing they have the geocode gps navigation system information for directions right to the parking garage. That is super good service and I have to give universal a big high-five when I get there. The website says that there are daily parking fees per vehicle of free for Florida residents after six pm with proof of residency. They make a note right below that in a bullet that restrictions apply, not valid during Special Events. I would assume Christmas is a special event, but maybe not. I don't understand why they don't explain what the word Special Events exactly mean and highlight those days so people can understand exactly if their vehicle is going to be charged or not. If I change the search to Parking at Universal Studios after six pm, I get a different result set from google. Maybe I'm on to something as I searched for special event days at Universal Studios and it looks like I found a calendar.

It's pretty cool because you can get the Theme Park hours and events all listed plus you can checkmark or deselect certain things that you're not interested in. We want to do the good things at the park, like Beetlejuice and then go out to eat in the area.

The universal website is not clear about parking fees. Once again they don't tell you exactly with the parking fee will be at an individual time by day. Maybe my frustration is just part of the deal and I just have to pay and can't plan to try to save a few bucks as you would expect since they offer the six pm deal. Perhaps this means I have the call on the phone and ask them what the deal on the parking is because they can't put it on the website! I still love the place and will be going there for a long time as the entertainment value is worth the cash, just not the parking fee!
Dorsey H.

Universal Studios

6000 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819
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